We’ve got you covered on swimming pools, ponds, storm bunkers, basements, pretty much everything that involves removing earth.

We get dirty so you don't have to.

Swimming Pools to Any Spec.

While we don't install the pool, we'll get that pesky dirt and grass out of the way. Typically, having us do it saves you money, instead of letting the pool company hire an excavation company.

Pond installation

Always dreamt of waterfront property, without all of the cost? We can install a custom pond for you on your property regardless of size. If you got the land, we'll get rid of it for you!

Storm Bunkers

This is a new and important trend within the last 5 years. The world has been rocked with wild storms lately. We can dig the dirt out and get it ready for whichever company you decide to go with to install an underground bunker for you and your family's safety.

Basement installation

While a fairly invasive project, if you have a home that doesn't have a basement, we can excavate one on your land and there are companies out there that will literally MOVE your home to rest on that basement when finished.

Remove dirt. add function.

Any project you have, no matter the size, Alexander Contractors is ready to tackle it head-on.